10m Mechanical Puppet

It isn’t very often you meet a 10 meter tall mechanical puppet, in fact the largest mechanical puppet ever made in Britain! When the creator of the Man Engine, Will Coleman approached us in August 2017 to ask if we wanted to be involved in the Cymru 2018 tour, well, you can guess our response.

The Man Engine On Tour

Throughout the Easter Holidays the impressive Man Engine went on tour of our local heritage sights starting in Big Pit and ending in Swansea and we were there with our very own LEGO Man Engine.

The spectacular events across the region paid homage to significant historical figures for each particular area. Brought to life through drama and song. It was a fantastic way to connect with the younger generation and to share the amazing history and sacrifices made by those gone before us, literally on our doorsteps


The LEGO® Man Engine

Our Man Engine recreated in LEGO took over 30 hours to construct, he included robotics and engineering to raise him from a sleeping position to a standing position, like the Man Engine himself, his head also moved side to side and a 3D printed fan turned in his insides. His jaw opened and closed using pneumatics and his arms moved using pulleys and LEGO® man power. To ensure a realistic homage to the mining industry he had a miners hat complete with a light that was 3D printed especially.


Thousands of people visited each site and were inspired not only by the enormity of the Man Engine and his commanding presence when standing full height but the historical significance highlighted at each venue and the engineering feats celebrated in the mining engine through this incredible sight. Many children commented that they would make an attempt at making their own LEGO Man Engine when they returned home!


What’s next? Well the Man Engine will continue to tour around the country for more information check out https://www.themanengine.co.uk and our LEGO® Man Engine will also be doing a tour of his own as we visit the 4 schools of the competition winners, where a class will have the opportunity not only to see our LEGO version to make a small robotic Man Engine of their own!


History + Innovation + Technology = Inspiring the next generation, fantastic!