Key Stage 3+

3D Printing

Over the last 4 years Eden Education Centre has been strategically looking at the development of the latest technology to Create – Engage – Inspire the next generation of engineers.

There is nothing better than looking at something and knowing that you have designed it, you constructed it and you inspired it.

Here at Eden Education centre, we believe in bringing the latest technology and placing it in the hands of children, this level of engagement gives them the knowledge and confidence to ‘have a go’.

The Eden Education Centre has a dedicated 3D printing suite so a whole class can take part in this experience.

3D printing can be made for any application from DT school projects to building commercial parts for machines, looking at structural designs from bridge building then problem-solving strength and rigidity for damage limitations for earthquakes to aerodynamic principles on motor vehicles, also looking at history and exploring how things were created.

The possibilities are truly endless but once children can see what can be done and how it is made the future is literally a click away.

Key learning values:


Planning, designing and making a reality

Brainstorm to find creative alternative solutions

Learn to communicate, share ideas and work together

Using the CAD software to design and then print their creation.

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