Summer term space topic

The space topic is full of experiments, finding out facts and figures about space and getting creative with pop bottles, toilet rolls and silver foil! But at Eden Education Centre there are many different workshops that students can take part in focusing on Space.   

Foundation Phase children can take part in Story Starter sessions using the new LEGO Education Space expansion set where pupils discover the science fiction genre while also exploring social studies, related natural science topics or recounting historical events. The set includes character elements for creating astronauts and aliens; exploratory props such as lasers and antennas; and a variety of elements for constructing outer space scenes. Pupils work together to create and build stories with LEGO bricks and figures, then use the unique StoryVisualizer software to visualise, write and communicate their work. 

Looking at the different challenges in space is a great session for Key Stage 2 pupils, looking a different energy forms used, specifically renewable forms such as solar power. Students get to grips with solar panels, incorporating geography, science, and technology into the sessions, we love seeing children totally engaged with all aspects of building with Lego, getting creative and solving real issues that affect our planet and beyond!

So, if it is creating a lunar space buggy, getting creative with your own space scene or even taking part in a space challenge where your robot has to complete an obstacle course, you can guarantee covering this topic at the Eden Education Centre will be out of this world!