Our visit from Islwyn Schools Rugby team

As you know at the Eden Education Centre we are all about encouraging young talent, inspiring futures and creating memorable experiences, well yesterday we had another great opportunity to do just that, but this time it didn't involve LEGO (well, not as much!).

On May 6th, the Islwyn Schools Rugby Union team had the opportunity to play in the Parc Y Scarlets to compete for the Dewar Bowl in the final of the championship verses Cardiff Schools A team. This was a momentous occasion for this group of teenagers, the quote by Nelson Mandela "sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation" reminded them of the generations of rugby players before them that have competed in this tournament and gone on to play great rugby for our national team.  It was our job to get them fuelled up and ready for the big game, and boy could they eat...


After a team talk from the coaches, a reminder of how far they had come to be in the final of this tournament, focussed on what they had to do, they set off for the game (although we actually think some of them wanted to stay and play with our LEGO!).










It was a pleasure to support the team, this is an incredible achievement, not least because Islwyn is the smallest borough, but they have trained so hard to get to the final and during their visit to us were all thoroughly polite, they are a credit to their team, sponsors and respective schools.

And the result...?

They won 5-0, huge congratulations to all the team and their fantastic coaches from all of us at the Eden Education Centre!