Our visit from Islwyn Schools Rugby team

As you know at the Eden Education Centre we are all about encouraging young talent, inspiring futures and creating memorable experiences, well yesterday we had another great opportunity to do just that, but this time it didn't involve LEGO (well, not as much!).

On May 6th, the Islwyn Schools Rugby Union team had the opportunity to play in the Parc Y Scarlets to compete for the Dewar Bowl in the final of the championship verses Cardiff Schools A team. This was a momentous occasion for this group of teenagers, the quote by Nelson Mandela "sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation" reminded them of the generations of rugby players before them that have competed in this tournament and gone on to play great rugby for our national team.  It was our job to get them fuelled up and ready for the big game, and boy could they eat...


After a team talk from the coaches, a reminder of how far they had come to be in the final of this tournament, focussed on what they had to do, they set off for the game (although we actually think some of them wanted to stay and play with our LEGO!).










It was a pleasure to support the team, this is an incredible achievement, not least because Islwyn is the smallest borough, but they have trained so hard to get to the final and during their visit to us were all thoroughly polite, they are a credit to their team, sponsors and respective schools.

And the result...?

They won 5-0, huge congratulations to all the team and their fantastic coaches from all of us at the Eden Education Centre!






Pete's going to Patagonia

Yes, that's Patagonia... the place where the a Welsh colony was established in 1865 and more recently where the Top Gear presenters got into a bit of trouble (nothing new there then!). 

Pete's reasons for visiting are very different, he will be taking part in the 'Patagonia Trek with Shane Williams' in November, raising funds for Velindre Cancer Centre, this is his story: 

"As someone who quite honestly would rather take the car than walk, when the Patagonia Trek was mentioned to me I just laughed... but having experienced the devastating effects cancer can have on a family, after losing my lovely mother-in-law Jan last year, I know she would be the first person to support me doing such a challenge, so I decided to go for it!

I am so privileged to be able to take part in this trek; I am doing this fundraising alongside the brilliant Ystrad Mynach Primary School as they have pledged to raise an amazing £100,000 for Velindre Cancer Centre after they heard the inspiring story of one of their pupils who has been personally helped by the hospital. They were called to action and the Headteacher Jonathan Lloyd set a year to "make a difference" to help this amazing place.

Through the amazing medical breakthroughs and fantastic work that hospitals like Velindre does, we can have 'victory over cancer' and I am going to be doing all I can to help achieve this and will be thinking about Jan every step of the way!"

So he really is doing it, you are going to be seeing quite a few fundraising initiatives at The Eden Centre and Eden Education Centre over the next few months so any support no matter how small, or large, will be massively appreciated! If you would like to support this amazing cause here is the link to the JUST GIVING PAGE

Pete will be sharing his journey from training, fundraising and the actual trek right here so check in from time to time to see what he's up to, huge thanks in advance for your support!

'Create with Cadw' workshops

During the Easter holidays Eden Education Centre has been on the road as we've had the pleasure of working with CADW as part of their 'Create with CADW' workshops.

Cadw contacted us to see if it would be possible if we could rebuild Caerphilly Castle from Lego, we had limitations placed on us such as limited bricks 3000-5000, it had to be built with children between the ages of 8-13 and it had to be built over 3 days!
We knew that the challenge wouldn't be easy but we knew it would be so much fun. we were also asked to host workshops for all to get involved, to our amazement the tickets sold out in less than an hour and all workshops were full.

Each workshop included taking part in the big build of the castle, then moving onto StoryStarter where children and adults could design their own story and place it into a story board, then the final task was to build catapults! The workshops were packed full of fun, learning about our heritage and encouraging imagination and creativity!



Summer term space topic

The space topic is full of experiments, finding out facts and figures about space and getting creative with pop bottles, toilet rolls and silver foil! But at Eden Education Centre there are many different workshops that students can take part in focusing on Space.   

Foundation Phase children can take part in Story Starter sessions using the new LEGO Education Space expansion set where pupils discover the science fiction genre while also exploring social studies, related natural science topics or recounting historical events. The set includes character elements for creating astronauts and aliens; exploratory props such as lasers and antennas; and a variety of elements for constructing outer space scenes. Pupils work together to create and build stories with LEGO bricks and figures, then use the unique StoryVisualizer software to visualise, write and communicate their work. 

Looking at the different challenges in space is a great session for Key Stage 2 pupils, looking a different energy forms used, specifically renewable forms such as solar power. Students get to grips with solar panels, incorporating geography, science, and technology into the sessions, we love seeing children totally engaged with all aspects of building with Lego, getting creative and solving real issues that affect our planet and beyond!

So, if it is creating a lunar space buggy, getting creative with your own space scene or even taking part in a space challenge where your robot has to complete an obstacle course, you can guarantee covering this topic at the Eden Education Centre will be out of this world!